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Handyman Services

Home Maintenance & Property Maintenance

Home Maintenance
Property maintenance
damage prevention
energy saving

Don't risk further damaging your home or property by letting yearly maintenance fall by the wayside. Schedule a free consultation now! 

Complete Your Unfinished DIY Home Project


 Have you gone as far as your knowledge will take you on a project? Whether it's a light fixture, runny toilet, window installation or worn-down faucet, we have you covered. No job is too small! 

Fixture and Flooring Removal and Installation

flooring installation
handyman services
sink installation

If you are thinking of purchasing an new sink, toilet, ceiling fan, flooring, door, window or other household fixture, we will happily install it for you. We will include the removal of the old fixture and dispose of it for you.

Window and Door Installation

Window installation
Door installation
Energy efficient home upgrades

We can provide window and door replacement and installation. We will provide the most energy efficient installation possible while protecting your home from any water infiltration. Service includes removal and disposal of any old windows and doors as well.

Energy Efficient Upgrades & Water Damage Repair

Home Insulation


We can install new building wrap, vapor barrier, siding, insulation and help seal and protect your home more efficiently. These home maintenance services will save you money in the long run on energy bills, improve the resale value of your home or property or can be offered as a means of repairing existing water damage.

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Handyman Services, Home Maintenance and Property Maintenance Services are available for any size of job. No job too small. We are licensed, insured and carry WCB. 

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